The following goals were passed by a majority vote of elected delegates during GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2016.  Making any of these goals a reality depends on union member involvement, and throughout the 2017 Texas Legislative session, there will be plenty of opportunities for members to get involved and make their voices heard. TSEU legislative goals specific to TSEU Caucuses follow the overall goals. (download PDF version)

‘ALL’ State Employee Goals

  • Fund a minimum $6,000/year or $500/month raise for every state employee as a “down payment” on the full amount it would take to restore state employees’ standard of living. Include all university workers in the across-the-board raise for all state employees.
  • Ensure quality, affordable health care and secure pensions for state employees, retirees, and their dependents, including domestic partners.
  • Examine major outsourcing contracts and cancel those that are not meeting expectations. Devote resources saved to strengthen state services and higher education.
  • Fully fund all state agencies and universities.
  • Preserve, expand state employees’ rights to justice on the job.

State Supported Living Centers / State Hospital (caucus page)

  • Full funding, across the board raises, feasible career ladders for all
  • Full funding for peer support classifications at all state hospitals
  • Paid time off for educational leave, to include any state career path
  • Union representation at all discussions, proposals, and recommendations for consolidations, construction, and expansion of SSLC and state hospital facilities
  • Adequate staffing to meet all level of care needs

Family Protective Services (caucus page)

  • Adopt the same caseload standards recommended by NAEYC, NAAPSA, CWLA, and TDPRS. Decrease wait time at Statewide Intake to an average of 5 minutes
  • Stop staff turnover and retain staff by funding health care benefits and continuing to fund retirement benefits, across-the-board pay raises, payment of overtime compensation, compensation for bilingual and interpretive staff and level of education by establishing an effective career ladder for all staff, and job parity for CCL staff
  • Restore funding for client services and stop the privatization of FPS programs protecting children and adults

Retiree (caucus page)

  • Because there has been no pension increase in more than 15 years, enact pension increases for ERS and TRS that reflects the increase in the cost-of-living since 2001
  • Make an immediate cash infusion in the state pension funds. Provide ongoing cost-of-living increases to pension recipients
  • No cuts to retiree health care benefits, and no conversions to defined contribution plans for either pensions or health care

Texas Workforce Commission (caucus page under construction)

  • Full funding and staffing levels for TWC/DARS. Maintain quality services to disabled community- no privatization
  • Re-implement step increases for TWC staff- no reclassification of positions
  • Hold Workforce Boards accountable for services they are mandated to provide, i.e. Rapid Response

Texas Juvenile Justice Dept (caucus page)

  • Stop closures, lay-offs, and privatization in our agency
  • Include JCO’s and Case Managers in the LECOSRF 20-year retirement plan
  • Full funding for staff at TJJD

Human Services (caucus page)

  • Stop any further privatization of Human Services programs
  • Increase oversight of all HHSC contracts,
  • Oppose closures and maintain all current numbers of HHSC and DADS offices
  • Increase staffing to deal with both existing and projected growth
    Enact an across-the-board career ladder

University (caucus page)

  • Fund university employee pay increases
  • Restore the higher education seat on the TRS Board of Trustees
  • Stop the privatization of campus services

Parole (caucus page)

  • Push for full funding of the legislatively mandated 60-to-1 caseload ratio
  • Target $6,000 across-the-board pay raise for support staff and Parole Officers


  • Insure better access to state agencies to protect speech and assembly rights for state employees
  • Career ladders for all employees
  • Preserve longevity pay