The following goals were passed by a majority vote of elected delegates during GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2018.  Making any of these goals a reality depends on union member involvement, and throughout the 2019 Texas Legislative session, there will be plenty of opportunities for members to get involved and make their voices heard. TSEU legislative goals specific to TSEU Caucuses follow the overall goals. (download full goals listing PDF)


  • PAY: $6,000 across the board pay raise that includes University workers; $15/hour minimum wage for all state employees MORE DETAILS
  • HEALTHCARE AND PENSIONS: Fully fund ERS and TRS and cost of living increases for retirees; Stop any Defined Contribution proposals; Oppose any benefit cuts and cost increases MORE DETAILS
  • PRIVATIZATION: Stop any further privatization at state agencies and universities; Review every major con-tract and cancel all that are not meeting expectations
  • FUNDING: Fully fund state agencies to meet the needs of Texas’ growing population; restore funding to public universities; address structural deficit by closing tax loopholes and overhaul revenue system.
  • JUSTICE ON THE JOB: Restore grievance procedures and due process for all employees; defeat expansion of “at-will” status MORE DETAILS

Retiree Organizing Committee – R.O.C. (caucus page)

  • Enact pension increases for ERS and TRS that reflect the increase in the cost of living since 2001 by making an immediate cash infusion; fully fund the state pension system; provide on-going cost of living increases
  • Oppose any conversion to defined contribution plans for pensions or health care
  • Continue payroll deduction of union dues for ERS retirees and active state employees.

TDCJ Parole

  • Fully fund agency proposed pay increases for Parole Officers I-V and expand the funding to include all Parole and Re-Entry staff, with a minimum yearly salary increase of $6000
  • Fully fund staffing level to achieve maximum parole caseloads that have been mandated by state law since the passage of HB 3736 in 2007

Texas Workforce Commission

  • Set up a career ladder based on classification and years of service
    Across the board pay raises instead of merit pay raises
  • Stop further privatization because it promotes inefficiencies and cost overruns
  • Include university workers in all across the board pay raises

Department of Family and Protective Services (caucus page)

  • Stop turnover and retain staff by funding health care benefits, pay raises for all staff, payment of all overtime compensation, compensation for bilingual and interpretive staff, compensation for level of education, establishing a career ladder for all staff, job parity for APS, SWI, and support staff, and continuing to fund retirement benefits
  • Restore funding for client services and stop the privatization of FPS programs protecting children and adults
  • Adopt the same caseload standards as recommended by the NAEYC, NAAPSA, CWLA, and TDPRS. Decrease wait time at Statewide intake to a 5 minute average

Amalgamated Agencies

  • Ensure better access to state agencies to protect speech and assembly rights for state employees.
  • Career ladders for all employees
  • Preserve longevity pay


  • Restore higher education seat on TRS board
  • No performance based funding; increase proportion of state legislative funding for university budgets
  • Provide healthcare and pension benefits for graduate students, adjuncts, and part-time workers

State Supported Living Centers / State Hospitals

  • Maintain sufficient staffing levels to eliminate mandatory overtime
  • Creation of a career ladder for all classified positions
  • High risk pay for work with severe and dual diagnosis across the board and full funding for peer support specialists.

Health and Human Services (caucus page)

  • Oppose and roll back privatization and closures of Human Services and programs while increasing oversight and accountability of current HHSC contracts
  • Increasing staffing to deal with both existing and projected caseload growth; enact an across the board career ladder in order to stop turnover
  • Demand the state provide the tools to complete our work: safe and sanitary work environments, adequate training, realistic work expectations, and an effective grievance procedure

Texas Juvenile Justice Department

  • Stop Closures
  • We need LECOSRF (20 year retirement)
  • Better working hours: 12 hour shifts – no more than 2 a week (Schedule justice)
  • Full funding, across the board $6,000 raise
  • Fair due process for all employees