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TSEU-Retiree Mini-Lobby Day 2015

TSEU-Retiree Mini-Lobby Day 2015

We are TSEU members of the Retiree Organizing Committee (ROC). We are TRS and ERS retirees from state agencies and universities. We are building a strong union of retirees to fight for:  a cost-of-living increase for TRS and ERS annuitants; keeping the ERS and TRS pensions secure; keeping the health care benefits affordable.  JOIN TODAY! (see more below the Caucus information)

An open letter from members of the TSEU R.O.C. Caucus .

ROC Caucus Legislative Goals: 2019-2020

  • Enact pension increases for ERS and TRS that reflect the increase in the cost of living since 2001 by making an immediate cash infusion; fully fund the state pension system; provide on-going cost of living increases
  • Oppose any conversion to defined contribution plans for pensions or health care
  • Continue payroll deduction of union dues for ERS retirees and active state employees.

STATE PENSION FACT SHEET (we are updating our numbers) – download PDF

Upcoming/Recent Caucus Events

calendar_headerROC CAUCUS ‘Mini’ LOBBY DAY
Held: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 2019
Held at our Austin, TSEU office, our Retiree ‘Mini’ Lobby Day was a great way to shine light on issues specific to state retirees AS WELL AS pushing for our overall goals. After a brief strategy session at the Austin TSEU office, members hit the capitol to lobby our state legislators and staff.
Legislative Issue Sheets used during ‘mini’ Lobby Day:

Attend a ROC meeting!

Several area ROC ‘chapters’ have regular monthly meetings, luncheons, and other events. Please contact the TSEU office associated with that meeting for event verification and other details.
    • Austin – 1st Thursday every month
      12:00pm / Austin TSEU office (1700 S. 1st St)
      (call 512.448.4225 for specifics)
    • Dallas – 4th Wednesday, even numbered months
      11:30-1:30pm / Highland Park Cafeteria (Casa Linda Plaza, N. Buckner at Garland Rd.)
      (call 214-942-4305)
    • Tarrant County – Every other month, odd numbered months 
      11:30am-1:30pm / Spring Creek BBQ (3608 S. Cooper, Arlington)
      (call 214-942-4305)


To start your membership in TSEU-ROC, fill out our bankdraft form which will authorize TSEU to draft dues from a bank account.