Building the movement for a Cost of Living Adjustment for retired state employees (ERS)

membersTestify[april 20] TSEU retirees testify for a pension increase

On Wednesday April 20th, the House Appropriations Subcommittee held a hearing at the Texas Capitol to discuss the issue of providing a cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) for retired state employees who receive their pensions from the Employee Retirement System (ERS). Late last year, Speaker of the House Joe Straus charged the Appropriation Committee to investigate methods to provide state retirees with a long over-due pension increase. State retirees in ERS have not received a pension increase since 2001 and the average ERS pension is only $1600.

160615-ROC-letters[ongoing] Letter writing campaign

If you haven’t already, write a letter to the House Appropriations Committee explaining why state retirees desperately need a COLA in 2017!

Sample letter, addresses, and MORE DETAILS



TSEU-Retiree Mini-Lobby Day 2015

TSEU-Retiree Mini-Lobby Day 2015

An open letter from members of the TSEU R.O.C. Caucus .

We are TSEU members of the Retiree Organizing Committee (ROC). We are TRS and ERS retirees from state agencies and universities. We are building a strong union of retirees to fight for:  a cost-of-living increase for TRS and ERS annuitants; keeping the ERS and TRS pensions secure; keeping the health care benefits affordable.  JOIN TODAY! (see more below the Caucus information)


ROC Caucus Legislative Goals: 2017-18

  • Because there has been no pension increase in more than 15 years, enact pension increases for ERS and TRS that reflects the increase in the cost-of-living since 2001
  • Make an immediate cash infusion in the state pension funds. Provide ongoing cost-of-living increases to pension recipients
  • No cuts to retiree health care benefits
  • No conversions to defined contribution plans for either pensions or health care


Upcoming/Recent Caucus Events

calendar_headerROC CAUCUS ‘Mini’ LOBBY DAY:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29
Held at our Austin, TSEU office, our Retiree ‘Mini’ Lobby Day is a great way to shine light on issues specific to state retirees. We will have a brief strategy session at the office before going to the capitol to lobby our state legislators and staff.
THIS IS EVENT REQUIRES AN RSVP.  Please contact the Austin, TSEU office if you are interested in attending  (512.448.4225)

Attend a ROC meeting!

Several area ROC ‘chapters’ have regular monthly meetings, luncheons, and other events. Please contact the TSEU office associated with that meeting for event verification and other details.
    • Austin – 1st Thursday every month
      12:00pm / Austin TSEU office (1700 S. 1st St)
      (call 512.448.4225 for specifics)
    • Dallas – 4th Wednesday, even numbered months
      11:30-1:30pm / Highland Park Cafeteria (Casa Linda Plaza, N. Buckner at Garland Rd.)
      (call 214-942-4305)
    • Houston – 3rd Thursday, even numbered months
      3:30pm / Houston office (9247 S. Main)
      (call 713-661-9030)
    • Rio Grande Valley – 2nd Tuesday every month
      12:00pm / rotating location
      (call 956-428-0251)
    • San Antonio – 3rd Tuesday every month
      5:00pm / San Antonio TSEU office (454 Soledad St. #R-200)
      (call 210.354.2900)
    • Tarrant County – Every other month, odd numbered months 
      11:30am-1:30pm / Spring Creek BBQ (3608 S. Cooper, Arlington)
      (call 214-942-4305)


To start your membership in TSEU-ROC, fill out one of the following membership forms and return it to the Austin TSEU office (1700 South 1st Street / Austin, TX 78704).  TSEU-ROC membership dues are $9.00/month.