Is it legal for state employees to join a union?

State law (§617.004 texas government code) guarantees public employees’ right to join a union.

Who can join TSEU?

There is no restriction on who can join, as long as they are a state employee. TSEU welcomes any state employee who believes in our program.

How do I join?

You join TSEU by filling out a membership form and giving it to any TSEU organizer, committee member, or TSEU office.

How much are dues?

Monthly TSEU dues are on a sliding scale based on salary and range from between $16 and $25 per month.

What is dues money used for?

TSEU is funded solely by members’ dues, which keeps us independent. Over 97% of our income is used to support direct organizing work or activities to win victories for state employees.

Does any of my dues money support political candidates?

No dues money can be used for political activities. TSEU and our national union have a separate political action fund – CWA-COPE – that is used for political action. Participation is optional for members, although we encourage members to join CWA-COPE.