General Assembly 2018 / September 21-23 / Austin

General Assembly always begins with an action. We last marched in front of the state capitol to launch our campaign for a REAL pay raise for all state workers and retirees, and to protect benefits while improving services. A similar action is planned for this year – more details coming soon!


The TSEU General Assembly is a statewide meeting of elected delegates and other TSEU members and families. It is held every even-numbered year. The General Assembly considers and adopts the broad strategic plans that guide decision-making in TSEU for the next two years. These plans are generally contained within the Organizing Program and Political Program. Specific legislative goals for the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature are also contained in the Political Program. The General Assembly also makes decisions and adopts positions on various specific questions, including election of TSEU candidates for the ERS and TRS boards of trustees.

All members present at the General Assembly can participate in debates, discussions, and meetings. The final vote on issues is restricted to elected delegates. The General Assembly marks the beginning of the mobilization campaign to win specific victories. The enthusiasm and determination that begins with General Assembly allows members to go back out to our cities and towns ready to do the organizing and mobilizing it takes to win.

Finally, the General Assembly is the best opportunity for TSEU members from across the state to meet with one another, renew friendships, and enjoy the companionship of fellow TSEU members and families.

Background Information

  • When and where: General Assembly will be held Sept 21-23, at the Best Western Plus in Austin, Texas (I-35 and Oltorf).
  • Post-banquet Saturday Dance/Party: Dress is semi-formal to very casual. The atmosphere is family friendly and is open to all TSEU members. This is a tradition and one of the highlights of the General Assembly.
  • Rooms and meals: Rooms will be at the Best Western Plus. People registering late may be assigned to over-flow rooms at other motels as needed. Rooms will be double occupancy (shared) unless you arrange and pay for a private room at additional cost. Meals include supper Friday; breakfast, lunch, and the banquet on Saturday; and breakfast on Sunday.
  • All members present can participate in discussions and meetings. Only the final vote on issues is restricted to elected delegates. Fees for delegates and members attending General Assembly are listed at left.

    Child care: Child care will be available for meeting times only. Families are responsible for their children during meals, the dance, and other non-meeting periods. You must notify the TSEU Austin office by September 10 if you will need child care.

  • Fees:
    GENERAL ASSEMBLY DELEGATES: $60. Covers meals, registration, and double occupancy room (Add $132 for a private room)
    ALL OTHERS (includes family members and delegate alternates who are not replacing a delegate): Room: $132 shared or $264 private
    Meals: $83 including banquet, $20 banquet only
    Registration: $20 (includes t-shirt)
    Other costs: Bring $20 for your Lobby Day 2019 bus ticket.
  • Reimbursable travel expenses: Delegates only: coming from work locations outside a 200-mile circle around Austin. This is ‘as the crow flies’, based on TSEU’s map. Up to $50 in travel-related expenses. Delegates can combine reimbursements. Contact your TSEU office for details. No other expenses are reimbursable.
  • Registration deadline: Everyone planning to attend must complete a registration form and pay all fees by September 10.

Delegate Election Details – current delegate groups

  • Delegates to General Assembly will be elected on the basis of one per 50 members, based on May 2018 membership. Delegates will be elected by groups according to the list approved by the Executive Board.
  • Qualifications for Delegates: The nominee must be a member in good standing as of May. In good standing means listed on the May membership report and paying dues on current schedule, or signs upgrade when nominated. The nominee must complete their TSEU Unbreakable authorization. The nominee must be an active employee or retiree from a unit organized by TSEU, and must work at or be retired from a location in that delegate group. Associate members are not eligible to serve as delegates.
    A nominee must agree to serve as a delegate if elected.
  • Qualifications to Vote for Delegates: All TSEU members in good standing as of May or members who have signed an upgrade form prior to the election are eligible to vote. Members may vote only in their assigned delegate group. Upgrade forms will be available at the election site.
  • Nominations: A member may be nominated by any member in that delegate group, including themself. Nominations may be made in three ways:
    1. In person at a meeting or at the election
    2. by mail, addressed to the TSEU organizing office that covers the area
    3. verbally to a TSEU organizer responsible for that delegate election either in person or over the telephone.
    In all cases the member making the nomination must identify themselves and be in good standing.
    To nominate by telephone you must speak directly to a TSEU organizer. No nominations by fax or email will be accepted.
  • Voting: Elections for General Assembly delegates will be by secret, written ballot. When applicable, members must be present to vote. Voting will take place only at announced times and places –  current listing of voting times/places and delegate groups involved. When it is not practical due to distances between work locations to conduct elections in person, the election will be by mail ballot. Members in groups that vote by mail will receive additional information. You may vote for the number of delegates to which the group is entitled, and can only vote once for any nominee. Alternates are those receiving highest numbers of votes after all delegate positions are filled.