We are TSEU members who work in the Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of Aging and Disability Services CCAD program. We are building a strong union in our workplaces to fight for:  better pay and benefits to attract and retain quality staff; increased staffing levels; stopping privatization.

TSEU Organizer Contact: JOE MONTEMAYOR in the Dallas TSEU office: 214.942.4305

. . . Mini Lobby Day – Held Wed, Feb 20 – Austin

. . . Our agenda for the Legislative cycle



[ONGOING] Fill out or download the Human Services / State Employee Workload survey

The TSEU HUMAN SERVICES Caucus is conducting a workload survey to gather information about current caseload/workload levels. Results and analysis from the brief survey will be used to provide an accurate picture to elected and appointed officials about the reality faced by HUMAN SERVICES WORKERS everyday.  All employees are encouraged to complete the survey.


[Fall 2018] ‘Enough is Enough’ HHSC Weeks of Action!

This past fall, TSEU/Human Services Caucus members across Texas held an “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” WEEK OF ACTION. The goal was to have local actions to educate and sign up new members while mobilizing to restore our rights.

These weeks coincided with meetings with local elected officials asking specifically for their willingness to author a worker protection bill. Our overall outcome was growth and the adoption of’ “Demand the state provide the tools to complete our work: safe and sanitary work environments, adequate training, realistic work expectations, and an effective grievance procedure” as our final caucus goal that was added to the 2019-2020 legislative agenda.

[Spring/Summer 2018] Union activists to HHSC leaders: Bring back our grievance procedure! read the full story

[at right] TSEU Human Services leaders Joanne Day, Albert Zepeda, Antonio Ovalle and Joan Barasch with Deputy Commissioner Chris Adams and Chief Counsel Karen Ray.  The union delegation informed agency leaders how their policy decisions regarding due process have negatively affected local offices, particularly when it comes to morale and turnover. Members asked for full restoration of lost benefits, including the recent changes made to the eligibility requirements for merit raises and the extended sick leave pool.



WHEN HHSC OFFICIALS SAY: HHSC’s 2020-2021 funding request is the culmination of months of evaluation on how we can do more with less. We viewed each request through the prism of two questions: “Is this good for Texas? AND Is this good for our clients?” 
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS: State Employees need to work harder because Texas refuses to increase staff or pay a competitive wage.

Maybe what we really need is a State Employee Translator! Perhaps then our elected and agency leaders would understand that state employees have been  doing more for less, for too long. A record high staff turnover rate is not good for Texas or our clients!
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