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TSEU Organizer Contact: Please contact any TSEU office for more caucus information

University Caucus Statement of Principles and Goals: We are employees of state universities – serving as instructors, custodians, nurses, administrative employees, food service workers, librarians, electricians, security officers, lab technicians, maintenance employees and countless other positions. We are equally essential to carrying out the important missions of our campuses and institutions. We are united in our efforts to fulfill the Texas constitutional mandate to “maintain universities of the first-class”.

Sign-The-PetitionPlease[ONGOING – sign the petition today!] Take action NOW to Save our pensions – keep up the pressure!

[FEB 2018] Organizing Works – NOW it’s time to turn up the pressure – sign our petition today!
Your petitions and emails to the TRS Board of Trustees were received and heard! Due to the overwhelming amount of communication received from members with concern regarding the experience study and recommended lowered rate of return, the Board has decided at the Feb 14th meeting to table their vote on lowering the rate of return until the April 19th meeting.
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