Teacher Retirement System – Board of Trustees – ELECTION 2017

Vote to protect our pensions: Full Funding – No Cuts!


“The TRS Board makes important decisions about the pension plan of about 143,000 university employees as well as school district employees and others. We need Board members that will work to ensure the plan’s stability.
I would be proud to continue to represent the interests of higher education employees on the Teacher Retirement System Board and would continue to work with current Board members to protect and improve our benefits.”
Karen Charleston

VOTING HAS STARTED – watch your mail for your ballot!

What Karen stands for:

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Keeping our TRS fund strong! 

Karen will push for full state funding to meet the obligations of the TRS. She’ll fight for investment decisions made on sound economics, not politics.

Fighting for what we deserve! 

Karen will strongly oppose cuts to the pension plan, raids on the pension fund, or attempts to convert our pension plans to risky 401(k) style plans. She will fight for state funding for a cost of living increase for TRS retirees.


  • 28-year employee, Prairie View A&M
  • TRS Board of Trustees.  Member of the Resolutions Committe for the National Council of Teachers’ Retirement and Chairperson of the Risk Committee
  • Member of National Association for Multicultural Education
  • Member Alpha Kappa Alpha and Tau Beta Sigma – Honorary Sorority
  • TSEU member and activist since 2002


  • Texas State Employees Union
  • Ilesa Daniels, ERS Board Member
  • Philip Mullins, former TRS Board Member
  • Texas Federation of Teachers
  • Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund