2017 – 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement

TRS Behavioral Care, Inc. d/b/a The Right Step
and Communications Workers of America, Local 6186

[NOVEMBER 2017] LVN Union members at the Right Step organized to bring management to the bargaining table.

Now we’ve negotiated a contract that includes:

  • guaranteed 2% annual raises for 3 years (6% total salary increases)
  • the creation of a Labor-Management Committee that will meet with management quarterly and make recommendations on staffing, safety, and other issues
  • the right to use our sick time for maternity/paternity/adoption leave
  • an employee grievance procedure

Along the way we’ve also won:

  • improvements to walkways and lighting
  • agreement from management to negotiate the creation of a paid, on-call nursing position to help with staffing shortages

We have so much more to work on and improve for our clients, for the work we do, and for us, the employees of the Right Step. The gains we’ve made so far are just a first step. If you aren’t a union member yet, sign up and make your voice heard

LVN’s at the Right Step in Wimberley go union!

[MARCH 2017] Licensed Vocational Nurses working at the Right Step drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Wimberley, Texas voted to form a union with CWA Local 6186 as their representative. The LVN’s at the private facility formed an organizing committee and worked for months to get their coworkers on board and win an official union election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board.

The nurses formed a union to have a voice on the job when it came to staffing levels, safety on the job, client care, and winning back benefits that were cut when Elements Behavioral Health, Inc. recently took over the facility. Elements is a national corporation with facilities across Texas and the country. The Right Step union committee, which includes Jace Felton and Lee Schluter, is now negotiating their first collective bargaining agreement with the company.

If you work at a Right Step/Elements facility and are interested in joining our union, call or email Seth Hutchinson at 512-448-4225

Right Step Committee members [l-r] Jennifer Salazar, Jace Felton, Lee Schluter, and Veronica Peña.