TSEU Organizer Contact:  SETH HUTCHINSON

[MARCH 2014] Union members at WAP ratify a strong contract

Early this year, members of CWA 6186 at the non-profit Workers Assistance Program voted to ratify a strong agreement with their management. After six months of hard negotiating over salary structure, health care benefits, and rights on the job, the Bargaining Committee at WAP came out with a three year contract which the membership voted to approve. Membership at WAP stands at 73% density. This high level of union membership gave committee members a good position to negotiate from, and constantly asking new members to join the union was always a high priority for the committee. Committee members are: Emily Schenk, Rick Dielman, Preston Porter, Ron Meade, and Ann Starr.

Collective Bargaining Agreement between Workers Assistance Program
and CWA Local 6186 for 2014