[from the June 2018 TSEU UPDATE]
A look back at the Primaries and Runoffs – Our results and the November outlook

ELECTION 2018, so far. . .


early voting is Monday, October 22 – Friday, November 2

Whether or not state workers and retirees can win on our issues during the legislative session in 2019 will largely depend on how successful TSEU and our allies are in winning key elections around the state. To increase our success in the Texas Capitol, TSEU needs greater influence over who gets elected. We do this by going door to door and making phone calls to get people out to vote in addition to asking our coworkers to join the union and COPE. By increasing state employee political power now, we can be in a better position to win in 2019! The March 6th primaries will set the stage for all of our fights ahead.

For state employees, there is a lot at stake!

State agencies at every level are struggling with high turnover, largely due to low pay and excessive workloads as the result of low staffing levels (read more); university budgets are being squeezed more and more and now retirement benefits are being threatened (read more); state retirees are long overdue for a pension increase; and more attempts at privatization or closures will be made at our state hospitals and state supported living centers. The legislature will also be seeking to address the continued crisis at DFPS, especially in Child Protective Services and Family Based Safety Services (read more). On top of all this, anti-union interest groups will once again be attempting to bust our union by pushing policies that would eliminate state employees’ rights to pay our membership dues to our union through payroll deduction. (make your union membership UNBREAKABLE with our online form)

Get off the sidelines and GET INVOLVED!

The more TSEU members who get involved in election work, the more influence state employees will have over decisions made in the Texas Capitol. This is our opportunity to elect candidates who will not only support state employees, but who will also fight alongside us against the MANY challenges we will be facing in 2019!

we are updating our current block walking and phone banking schedules

Candidate screening, TSEU endorsements:

TSEU members and activists are directly involved in every step of our endorsement process. Members across the state have been participating in screening candidates on topics ranging from protecting our pension to fighting for lower caseloads and higher pay. As a union, TSEU decides to endorse a candidate only after they have proven they are committed to working with us on our issues.

TSEU-endorsed candidates and AFL-CIO/COPE statewide endorsements

Endorsing candidates is just the beginning – now it’s time to get to work! Let’s build a pro-state employee majority!

We have a lot of work ahead of us. TSEU members will be participating in block walks and phone banks across the state to ensure that our candidates make it to the general election in November. With the retirement of moderate Republican leaders such as Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus and House State Affairs Chairman Byron Cook, the shape of the legislature will be much different and even more hostile towards state workers in the 2019 Legislative Session. This makes it all the more crucial that TSEU makes a strong showing this election cycle.
During the last election in 2016, we picked up four new allies thanks to our election work. In 2018, we hope to maintain those seats as well as adding to that total. Candidates that are friends of state workers in three State Senate Districts along with six more in highly contested state house races (with as many as ten on the radar) could make a significant shift in the legislature in favor of our issues. Our true strength lies with our PEOPLE POWER; with your help we can make a real impact on these races.