State Employees have the RIGHT to be politically active!

State and federal law guarantees our right to be politically active and to communicate with elected officials on any subject.

know-yourrightsAs Texas state employees (from any agency or university) we can:

  • Actively participate in election activities, including the support of candidates
  • Actively participate in campaigns to support or oppose legislation or other public policies
  • Communicate with elected officials at any time on any subject. We can communicate on our own behalf with elected officials at any time, including legislative hearings. We can speak as representatives of organizations, including TSEU, if authorized by the organization.
  • Discuss the policies of our agency or university, the work that we do, our title and assignments, etc.

Our only restrictions are:

  • We cannot use state resources to support or oppose any political candidate, legislation, or public policy. This includes telephones, fax machines, printing or copying equipment, paper or other supplies.
  • We must be on our own time: time off, annual or comp time, etc.
  • We cannot say or imply that we represent our agency or university unless we are authorized to do so.
  • We cannot reveal confidential client or other information unless we are authorized to do so.

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