Cope_LOGOWhat is COPE?

The Committee on Political Education, or COPE, is TSEU’s political action committee. WHY JOIN COPE? Because state employees and state services are under constant attack, and COPE is one way to build the political power to fight back. Budget cuts, privatization, and our own salaries and health care are all controlled by the Texas Legislature and other elected officials. Politics affects our lives every day.
Money counts in politics. Candidates must win elections before they can help make laws. Grass-roots volunteer work is very important in winning elections, but so are television time and other forms of campaigning that cost a lot of money.
Wealthy corporations and individuals give lots of money to get their friends elected. We need more of our friends in elected offices. We state employees can not afford large individual contributions. We do not control vast corporate treasuries that can give thousands of dollars at a time. But we can make our voice heard by pooling many small contributions so they have a large impact. CWA-COPE combines our many small contributions so we can gain a stronger voice in the political process


What happens to the money I give?
CWA COPE funds are used for direct contributions to the election campaigns of candidates who are committed to support us, and for lobbying and other activities that help us win on issues that affect us and the services we provide. CWA-COPE funds are divided among the national, district, and local levels for the purposes of deciding how to use them. We receive increasing control over COPE funds we collect as the COPE membership in TSEU increases.

But isn’t this what dues are for?
Under federal law, no union dues funds can be used for political campaigns. TSEU dues funds are used to support basic organizing, to educate & inform our members, and to do grassroots mobilization.

Does my contribution really make a difference?
During the last Texas Legislative session, dozens of legislators fought hard against constant attempts to slash our budgets, privatize our jobs, or cut our health care; and they won some of the fights. Many of them got elected with the help of COPE funds. But we don’t have enough friends in the Legislature, and many legislators who support us will be targeted for defeat in the next elections. Our COPE contributions help elect people who will stand up for us.


Our COPE contributions are collected through bank draft authorization.  Fill out our ONLINE FORM OR download the form, fill it out, and send it to any TSEU office or hand deliver to your TSEU organizer.