TSEU Organizer contact – MYKO GEDUTIS

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STEP ONE, NOMINATION:  Done – Elias is on the ballot! 

Nominations for the position closed on January 31 and ERS certified three nominations as valid on Monday, February 11. The candidates, in the order they will appear on the ballot, are:  • Cheryl MacBride   • Magdalena P. Blanco   • Elias McClellan


Ballots will be mailed to the home addresses of all state workers
MARCH 8 – Ballots mailed / APRIL 12 – Voting ends

envelope_ERSBallots for the ERS Board Election will be mailed to homes of all state agency employees and retirees on March 8th.  At left is a picture of the envelope in which they will arrive.  Vote for TSEU’s Candidate, Elias McClellan, and make sure your coworkers do the same.  If you lost or never received your ballot, call 1-866-909-3549 to get a replacement

We hope ALL TSEU members will take place in this election and will vote for Elias. The numbers are in our favor – if we all vote for Elias, he will win.