. . . because you believe in quality state services

Texas ranks at the bottom among the states in funding for most key state services. We lead the nation in teen pregnancy rates and the number of children without health coverage, just to mention two. Texas state employees have lower pay and higher workloads that employees of most other states. State employees, whether we work in human or health services, criminal justice, employment programs, or higher education, are the front line of these crucial infrastructure services. It will take a strong and growing state employee organization to stop the slide to the bottom and begin to move our state forward.

. . . because you believe in good jobs

By joining TSEU, you are adding your voice to an organization that has brought major improvements to our jobs and benefits. We’re fighting for a real pay raise and for a secure pension and affordable healthcare.  Our strength is in our numbers – we need to show our elected leaders and other state officials that we mean business. Join TSEU, but also GET INVOLVED! With an improving budget outlook for the new biennium, now is the time to: Defend against attacks on our pension system / Secure increased funding for state services / Win an across the board pay raise!

Send completed forms to the Austin office: TSEU / 1700 South 1st Street / Austin, TX 78704

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