Organizing and mobilizing for quality state services, fair pay, affordable health care, a secure pension and fair treatment on the job for Texas state employees.

TSEU is a 11,000+ member organization of state employees. Our members come from every part of our agencies and universities: we count caseworkers, parole officers, teaching assistants, RN’s, custodians, direct care workers, protective services workers, program managers, account examiners, and hundreds of other titles among our members. We come from every part of our state. We unite state employees across all lines of job title, geography, and employing agency to build the strongest possible grassroots organization, one that has the strength to speak forcefully in the Capitol and within our agencies. TSEU is part of the Communications Workers of America, a 750,000-member national union of telecommunications, media, health care, higher education, and public employees. Since our birth in 1980 we have built our organization and mobilized our members to advocate for the people we serve as well as for ourselves as state workers. Our long-term agenda includes:

  • Fair pay so that state workers and our families have a decent life.
  • Affordable, quality health care for state workers and our families.
  • A secure pension plan that assures a decent life for retired state employees and our families.
  • Resources, especially funding and staffing, and public policies that allow us to provide first-class services to the people of Texas.
  • The right of Texans to have services provided by public employees that are accountable to elected officials and to the taxpayers.
  • Fair treatment on the job for state employees