Why ERS Board elections matter

State Employees need another voice on the ERS Board who represents what’s the interests of frontline state workers. The ERS Board of Trustees has six members, three elected by state employees and retirees, and three appointed by elected officials.

The only Board member to oppose increases in what we pay for our benefits has been Yolanda Griego, a long time TSEU activist first elected to the ERS Board in 2003.

Two premium hikes increased costs for employees and retirees between $16 and $41, depending on family members covered. The increased copays included: doctor office copay from $20-$25; specialist from $30 to $40; daily hospital and ER copay from $100 to $150, and prescriptions from $10/25/40 to $15/35/60.

Don’t throw your vote away!

Asking employees and retirees to pay more and more while our pay has been stagnant is unfair. Only TSEU members elected to the ERS Board are willing to say “enough is enough!” We need another voice on the board to stand up and fight back. Do your part to protect and improve our benefits by helping elect Elias McClellan to the ERS Board. Sign the petition to get Elias on the ballot, then vote and make sure your coworkers are doing the same!