TSEU members set ambitious legislative goals list

During the past TSEU General Assembly [details], TSEU members selected and passed the following legislative goals for 2019. While ambitious, we know these goals are attainable if we put in the work, organize our co-workers into the union, and have a unified voice. Contact any TSEU office for details on how YOU can get involved.

All State Employee AND Retiree Goals

Pay: $6,000 across the board pay raise that includes University workers; $15/hour minimum wage for all state employees;

Healthcare and Pensions: Fully fund ERS and TRS and cost of living increases for retirees; Stop any Defined Contribution proposals; Oppose any benefit cuts and cost increases

Privatization: Stop any further privatization at state agencies and universities; Review every major contract and cancel all that are not meeting expectations

Funding: Fully fund state agencies to meet the needs of Texas’ growing population; restore funding to public universities; address structural deficit by closing tax loopholes and overhaul revenue system

Justice on the Job: Restore grievance procedures and due process for all employees; defeat expansion of “at-will” status