It’s time to build our union – Ask a Co-Worker to Join TSEU!

If we want: Better Pay, Secure Pensions and Affordable Health Care, WE HAVE TO BUILD OUR UNION!

Union members across the state are taking a stand by signing up at least one new member.  If the recent legislative session has taught us anything it’s that when we have the numbers, we have strength!

We need to send a strong message to our elected officials, to the decision makers in our agencies and universities, and to our co-workers that state employees need and deserve better, and we’re willing to fight for it. We must grow the union if we’re going to win this fight.

What to do now:

  1. Think of three specific coworkers you will ask to join the union.
  2.  Print off three membership forms
    CLICK HERE to download PDF or find more information on our JOIN page
  3. Have the membership forms and a pen with you when you speak to your coworkers
  4. Tell them about the pay raise fight and why you joined the union. There is strength in numbers. Ask them to fill out the form and join the union right away!
  5. Upon signing up a new member, mail the completed membership form to the Austin TSEU office (the address is on the top of the form). Contact Seth Hutchinson at to let us know the application is on the way.