This is your call to General Assembly 2018!

Be a part of HISTORY! Participate in one of the nation’s largest gatherings of organized state employee union members!

Come to General Assembly 2018!

What is TSEU General Assembly: The TSEU General Assembly is a statewide meeting of elected delegates and other TSEU members and families. It is held every even-numbered year. The General Assembly considers and adopts the broad strategic plans that guide decision-making in TSEU for the next two years. These plans are generally contained within the Organizing Program and Political Program, including specific legislative goals for the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature. The General Assembly also makes decisions and adopts positions on various specific questions, including election of TSEU candidates for the ERS and TRS boards of trustees.


Please go to our GENERAL ASSEMBLY homepage to find out everything you need to know about coming to General Assembly as a member or becoming a delegate for your agency, city or region. We also have background information and delegate election details posted there too! Get involved!