Take a Stand for our Health Care and Pensions – ELECT CORA!

As legislators increasingly target state employee benefits in plans to slash spending, we need ERS board members who are willing to stand up to the politicians and demand adequate funding, not cuts, for our pension and health care plans. Currently, union member Ilesa Daniels serves on the ERS Board. She was elected in 2015. In 2019, we have the chance to elect Cora Bennett and double our voice and power on the Board! Help get Cora elected to the board! Contact any TSEU office to help circulate or election and voting information. (voting runs May 10 through June 14).


Cora Bennett’s Platform:

Keeping our ERS funds strong!

Cora will push for increased state contributions to our health care plans and pension fund and support continued responsible investing to strengthen our pension fund.

Fighting for what we deserve!

She will oppose any attempts to convert our pension plan to a 401(k) style plan and the new high-deductible, consumer-driven health plans that undermine our benefits.

A Cost of living raise for retirees!

Cora believes state employees should retire with dignity. That means
cost of living increases that keep up with the rising cost of living. ERS retirees have not seen a COLA since 2001. That’s way too long!

Listening to the needs of workers!

Accessible to assist any employee with health care and/or pension issues, Cora will be the voice of front-line state employees on the Board.


  • Twenty year state employee
  • Case Manager for Texas Juvenile Justice Dept (formerly TYC)
  • TSEU member and activist since 2005

Endorsed by:

  • Texas State Employees Union , CWA 6186
  • Ilesa Daniels, current ERS Board member
  • Former ERS Board members: Yoly Griego and Janice Zitelman