‘High Injury Risk’ pay on the table for some workers!

State Representative Toni Rose files House Bill 1932 to provide “high injury risk” pay for employees at State Support Living Centers and State Hospitals. Today February 15th, Rep. Toni Rose (Dallas) filed House Bill 1932 that would provide “high injury risk” pay for employees at State Supported Living Centers and State Hospitals who spend most of their time working directly with residents or patients.

According to the Office of Risk Management’s 2016 report, the injury rates for state supported living centers were 8.86% (1,390 employees) and 7.11% (849 employees) for state hospitals, a total of 2,239 employees. The high level of need combined with a high turnover rate and frequent staffing shortages cause SSLC’s and state hospital employees to experience very high rates of injury.

“The involuntary behaviors of some patients in state supported living centers and state hospitals can create various levels of risk exposure to care givers; and for some, the risk is great. House Bill 1932 sends a signal to state employees that we notice and appreciate the important work they do every day for this vulnerable population.”

– Rep. Toni Rose.


Call your State Representative – ask them to support HB 1932!

SAMPLE SCRIPT: Hello, my name is _______ and I work at _________(your SSLC or State Hospital). I am also a member of the Texas State Employees Union. I ask that Representative ________ support house bill 1932 which provides high risk injury pay for employees who work at State Supported Living Centers and State Hospitals. Attending to the needs of individuals at SSLCs/ State Hospitals is top priority for us. However, in the process of meeting those needs staff are often exposed to high injury risks on the job. Thank you.

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