Summer organizing blitz to TURN THE TIDE at HHSC

140523_turnTide[may 2014] TSEU is launching a 10-week organizing blitz in HHSC Eligibility and DADS Long Term Care offices around the state. The goal is to have a major jump in membership so that we can win on our issues: increased staffing levels, an across-the-board pay raise, and stopping lay-offs and privatization.

At HHSC, our agency and employees are being pushed to a breaking point.

Already high workloads have been compounded with the Affordable Care Act rollout and the cancellation of the Maximus contract. Recent pay increases don’t make up for years without a real raise.  These issues and others make it hard to attract and retain staff; adding to a turnover crisis within the agency.  To address these and other issues, the TSEU HHSC Caucus has announced that June will be a special month dedicated to organizing Human Services offices around the state.  In addition to the organizing drive, TSEU members will be circulating a petition calling for more funding for additional staff and a real pay raise.

GET INVOLVED!  If you want to get involved in any capacity, please contact your nearest TSEU office or organizer.


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