Stop Privatization at UT Austin

longhorn_imageA proposal put on the table by UT President Bill Powers seeks to privatize many UT services possibly resulting in the loss of state jobs, increases in costs to students, and a new era of ‘doing more with less’.  While this is an ongoing process and nothing has been decided by the UT adminstration, TSEU-University Caucus members are fighting to make sure these propsoals are never enacted.


Contracting out campus services will hurt UT

[FEBRUARY 6 – TSEU NewsBulletin] Read the most recent TSEU analysis of this issue; what happened in similar situations at A&M; and what’s the lesson for UT?


What is the proposal?

[JANUARY 29] Link to President Bill Powers presentation and transcripts of ‘Smarter Systems for a Greater UT’, a report to the University community.

TSEU members respond

[JANUARY 31] Powers’ contradictory vision by TSEU member and UT worker Snehal Shingavi

[FEBRUARY 3]  A call to fight Powers’ plan, by TSEU member and UT worker Dana Cloud

[FEBRUARY 4]  In response to UT President Powers, ‘Smarter Systems for a Greater UT’, by Anne Lewis, TSEU Executive Board members and UT Lecturer

What to do now?

Contact your Austin-area legislator TODAY!  CLICK HERE for more information