Send a PAY RAISE post card to your elected officials TODAY!

150218_payRaise_fireALL state employees need and deserve a $6,000/year, across-the-board pay raise!


Contact any TSEU office for copies of our PAY RAISE POST CARD.  We want to flood the offices of our elected officials so send one in today.  The text of our postcard is as follows:

Dear Senator _________________________________________

State employee pay has not kept up with the cost-of-living for over 20 years

Since 1994, average pay has fallen behind the rising cost-of-living by 22.6%

Many of us are struggling to make ends meet because of our stagnant pay

State employee turnover is now at a six-year high and rising

Raising every state employee’s pay will help retain experienced workers, ensuring that every Texan receives better quality services. I am asking you to both support and work for a flat amount, across-the-board pay raise for all state employees, including university workers, of at least $6,000/year; with no cuts to our healthcare or pension benefits.

Sincerely, ______________________________________________