Pressure paying off as hiring freeze begins to melt – keep up the calls!

PARTIAL VICTORY FOR TSEU! – Hiring freeze lifted for 5 agencies – many agencies still seeking waivers to hire for critical positions

Gov. Greg Abbott has granted waivers for at least five state agencies affected by the hiring freeze enacted last month. This eases concerns of many that some of the most vulnerable citizens could go without vital services in the coming months.

State supported living centers that provide services for people with intellectual disabilities, state hospitals that serve people with mental health issues, the Texas School for the Deaf, the state parks division and the Texas Military Department have been given the OK to fill critical positions.

Abbott is still assessing waiver requests from dozens of other agencies including the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired which is also required to provide services under federal disability law and the Department of Family and Protective Services has requested a waiver to hire investigators, supervisors, specialists and other positions in the unit that oversees adult abuse cases.

This is a partial victory for TSEU, but we must continue making the calls.
OUR MESSAGE TO STATE LEADERS: Don’t put vulnerable clients at risk and squeeze state workers for giveaways to big business

Call your State Representative and tell them:
My name is _____________ and I work for the (agency) in (city) and I’m a member of the Texas State Employees Union. I’m calling to ask Representative ______________ to call Governor Abbott’s office and ask him to lift the hiring freeze on state employees. We are already understaffed and overworked in our agency. A hiring freeze now would be a disaster for the services we provide and the clients who depend on us. Thank you.

Don’t know your State Representative, find them using your home address: “Who Represents Me”