Make the calls for our Pay Raise!

Right now, a pay raise for state employees and retirees is not included in draft budgets created by State Representatives and State Senators. They need to hear from us today that we all need a PAY RAISE NOW!

Make the call!

On a break, use a personal phone to call State Senators and State Representatives on budget committees (a list of legislators to call is listed below). Tell them state employees need a $6,000 per year across the board raise. Here’s a sample of what you can say:

Hello, my name is __________ and I’m a Texas state employee. I’m calling to ask Senator __________ not to leave state workers out when it comes to pay raises. Turnover has never been higher for state employees and many of us are struggling to make ends meet after years with no cost of living raises. I am asking Senator __________ to support a $6,000 per year, flat raise for all state workers and university workers too. Thank you.

Call every Wednesday!

Calling once is not enough! Every Wednesday, make the calls again and ask your coworkers to do the same. Legislators might get tired of hearing from us, but we are tired of working extra jobs and struggling to make ends meet!

First pay raise day of action
Wednesday, January 23

Please call members of the Senate Finance Committee. Start with those in your geographic area. 
  • Central Texas – Senator Brian Birdwell 512-463-0122
  • Central Texas – Senator Kirk Watson 512-463-0114
  • Central / San Antonio – Senator Donna Campbell 512-463-0125
  • Central / SE Texas – Senator Lois Kolkhorst 512-463-0118
  • East Texas – Senator Robert Nichols 512-463-0103
  • North Texas – Senator Jane Nelson (chair) 512-463-0112
  • North Texas – Senator Kelly Hancock 512-463-0109
  • North Texas – Senator Royce West 512-463-0123
  • South Texas – Sen. Chuy Hinojosa (vice chair) 512-463-0120
  • South/West Texas – Senator Peter Flores 512-463-0119
  • Southeast Texas – Senator Paul Bettencourt 512-463-0107
  • Southeast Texas – Senator Joan Huffman 512-463-0117
  • Southeast Texas – Senator Larry Taylor 512-463-0111
  • Southeast Texas – Senator John Whitmire 512-463-0115
  • West Texas – Senator Charles Perry 512-463-0128