Legislators discussing cuts – What YOU need to do now!

Legislators in Austin are discussing cuts to health care and pension benefits for state employees and retirees.

What do they want to do?

  • Introduce Health Savings Accounts
  • Increase what we pay for benefits
  • Raise the age when we can retire with full benefits
  • All this while our pay hasn’t increased in 4 years, and the pay raise being discussed is already too small and doesn’t even include university workers! Texas can afford a real pay raise and to keep our benefits intact.


1. Join the union!

If you’re already a member, ask a coworker to join. CLICK HERE to download a membership form

2. Join COPE!

We need to grow our political muscle if we’re going  to have a strong voice for state employees in the legislature. CLICK HERE to download a COPE membership form.

3. Call your legislators, tell them:

Hello, my name is _________________ and I’m calling to ask Representative / Senator_________ to support an across-the-board, flat amount pay raise for all state and university employees with no cuts to our health care and pension benefits.

whorepresentsmeCLICK HERE to locate your elected officials using your home address.