Watch your mail for this envelope!

Sometime this week, you will be receiving an important letter from your union regarding your membership. If you get this letter, it means you still need to provide your bank account information to make your membership Unbreakable! Fill out the form inside and return it in the envelope provided OR fill out an online version of the form.

If you are currently paying your dues through payroll deduction, bank account dues won’t take effect unless legislation passes that cuts off payroll deduction. During the past three legislative and special sessions, Governor Abbott tried and failed to pass bills to strip state workers of union membership by barring union dues deduction out of our paychecks. In the next legislative session, they will try again, so we must be prepared. Filling out your UNBREAKABLE form now means that even if they are successful in banning payroll deduction for membership dues, our union will stay strong!.

If you have ANY questions or concerns about this process, do not hesitate to contact the Austin TSEU office at 512.448.4225 or any of our regional TSEU offices. Extreme, anti-state worker lawmakers are coming after the union directly because we’ve been successful in stopping their agenda of privatization and gutting our pensions. We can’t let them win! Do your part today to make TSEU UNBREAKABLE!