Ilesa Daniels for ERS Board of Trustees

[UPDATE – May 7, 2015] Ilesa Daniels WINS ERS Board of Trustees election – details

[March 9]: During today’s ERS Board Candidate Forum, Ilesa Daniels distinguished herself as the only candidate in this race who understands the needs of front line state workers and retirees. Watch the ERS Board Candidate Forum

[March 6]: Ballots mailed to the home address of ALL state employees in the ERS system. Watch your mail for the envelope we have pictured below!

ilesa_forum“The ERS Board makes important decisions about our healthcare benefits and our pension plan. We need Board members that will work to ensure the stability of the plan and not go along with shifting costs to employees and retirees. I would be proud to represent the interests of frontline state employees on the Board, and would work with current Board members to protect and improve our benefits.”
click image to download ILESA DANIELS campaign flier (letter size, black and white)

click to download flier

    • Keeping our ERS Funds Strong!
      Ilesa will push for increased state contributions to our health care plans and pension fund and support continued responsible investing to strengthen our pension fund.
    • Fighting for What We Deserve!
      She will oppose attempts to convert our pension plan to a 401(k) style plan and will oppose Health Savings Accounts or other schemes that only serve to undermine our benefits.

Listening to the Needs of Workers!

    Accessible to assist any state employee with health care and pension issues, Ilesa will be the voice of front-line state employees on the board.
  • State employee with more than 24 years of state service
  • Quality Assistance Specialist at E. 40th Street HHSC in Houston
  • Proud TSEU member and activist since 1999
  • Texas State Employees Union
  • Yolanda Griego, ERS Board Member
  • Karen Charleston, TRS Board Member
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
  • AFSCME Texas Retirees
  • AFSCME Correctional Employees Council
  • Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Watch for this envelope – it contains your ballot!

  • Friday, March 6, 2015:
    Ballots (like the one pictured at right) will be mailed to home address of ALL state employees and retirees in the ERS system.  DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR VOTE!  WATCH FOR THIS ENVELOPE!
  • Friday, April 10, 2015:
    ERS election voting period ends.