Helping our union brothers and sisters during their time of need

On behalf of the members and staff of TSEU, we hope that all those union brothers and sisters effected by Hurricane Harvey, as well as any extended family or friends, are on the road to full recovery. Our thoughts and well wishes are with you. Please know you do not have to go through this alone. If you are still in need of assistance, please contact the Houston TSEU office at 713.661.9030.

During the recent devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, TSEU members helped to play an active role in coming to the assistance of fellow union members and the general public.

For almost a month following the hurricane, groups of union members went out to remove debris, clean houses and to help with other efforts in the Houston and Golden Triangle areas.

Countless other union members made financial contributions to the CWA Hurricane Harvey Solidarity Fund, the Tx AFL-CIO Workers’ Relief Fund, as well as other relief organizations. The CWA and AFL-CIO funds were both used for direct financial assistance to union members whose homes were flooded and for rebuilding efforts in the affected areas. Thanks to all who gave. These organizations are still taking donations. For more information go to: OR

A special thanks goes out to our friends at American Income Life for helping to conduct a food drive for TSEU members as well as to those members who contributed. AIL employees gathered non-perishable items from across the Houston Area, and TSEU provided the food to members in need through the Houston Office.