Keeping TSEU UNBREAKABLE! (for current TSEU members)

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Anti-state worker and anti-union organizations are trying to strip state employees and retirees of our 1st Amendment rights by busting our union. In this legislative session, Senate Bill 13, if passed, would ban state workers and retirees from voluntarily paying our union membership dues through payroll deduction.  There’s no sugar-coating it:

Our union is under attack!

WHAT:  Payroll deduction of dues is the most secure and convenient way for state workers and retirees to belong to and support our union, the same way many of us support the charities of our choosing by donating to them through our paychecks. Membership dues fund 95% of TSEU’s entire budget. Eliminating payroll deduction would have been a major blow to our ability to have a strong union capable of winning on our issues.

WHY: Payroll deduction of union membership dues is a right that we have had since 1992. This attempt to strip us of that right was really all about silencing state workers by busting our union. With TSEU out of the way, anti-state services lawmakers and corporations hope to push their agenda of defunding and privatizing state services and turning our pensions into 401(k)’s, all so they can reap more profit for themselves.

WHO:  TSEU members and our allies fought very hard in the last legislative session to defeat SB 1968, and we were successful; we hope to have the same success in defeating SB13 this session. However, we know that the same groups (the wealthy elites, corporate lobbyists, and their front groups like Empower Texans) who pushed for these bills are planning to continue their push. These organizations have billions at their disposal and the support of many state legislators who wish to silence state workers and retirees.

To fight back against this all-out assault, our union has launched the ‘Unbreakable’ campaign.

We are asking every TSEU member to pre-authorize a switch to bank draft collection of your membership dues in the event a bill like SB 1968 ever passes. This will ensure that TSEU stays strong even if we lose payroll deduction.  USE THE ONLINE FORM NOW!

Over 2,000 TSEU members have already signed the Unbreakable form. Our goal is to go into the next legislative session with all members ready to continue their union membership in the event we lose payroll deduction. Fill out the form and return it in the envelope provided. Together we are going to make TSEU Unbreakable so that we can carry on our fights for better pay, affordable health care, secure retirement, quality state services, and justice on the job long into the future!