We are TSEU members who work in TJJD facilities, halfway houses, and district offices all over the state. We are JCO’s, Case Managers, Teachers, Parole Officers, and Support Staff. We are building a strong union in our workplaces to fight for:

1. Better pay and benefits in order to attract and retain quality staff. Working in TJJD can be dangerous and stressful. Not only is there a high turnover rate, the agency also has one of the highest injury rates for employees. In order to keep good staff from quitting, salaries need to be increased and the benefits protected. JCO’s and Case Managers should also be included in the LECOSRF 20-year retirement program.

2. Increased staffing levels.  The mission of our agency is to rehabilitate Texas’ most troubled youth offenders in a secure setting where both youth and staff are safe. Achieving this goal means having enough JCO’s for each dorm to be secure as well as plenty of trained case managers, psychologists, and educators to make sure each youth gets the help they need.

3. Stopping closures. TJJD plays a vital role in securing, educating, and rehabilitating the state’s delinquent youth. Judges who decide the best placement for each youth offender need to have a variety of options. A secure, state-run facility with intensive rehabilitation, counseling services, educational programs, and vocational training is the best option for many of the worst youth felons. Closing facilities hurts the agency’s ability to carry out its mission by laying off qualified, dedicated staff and limiting the range of options available for the placement of each offender.

4. A fair grievance procedure with an appeal step outside the agency. State workers have high levels of accountability and transparency when it comes to accusations of abuse or neglect on the job. To protect against unfair or unfounded accusations, state employees need to have access to a strong appeals process so they will have the opportunity to defend themselves.