TJJD Leave and Scheduling Survey

TJJD Leave and Scheduling Survey

Take-The-Survey_newIn an effort to understand the impact of the new policies regarding unscheduled absences, sick leave, and scheduling (PRS.27.01), TSEU is conducting a survey of union members around the state. The names of those who complete the survey will NOT be given to anyone outside the union

For more information or to take this survey over the phone, please contact your nearest TSEU office or organizer.


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are you a TSEU member?



what TJJD facility/location

job title

regular shift

how many years with the agency?


if you are a JCO, how many 12 hour shifts do you normally work in a week?

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have you ever come to work when you or your child was sick because you didn't want to have an 'unscheduled absence'?


if yes, how many times has this occured?

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have you been given a warning for having too many unscheduled absences?



how do you feel about the new policy regarding attendance and unscheduled absences?