ELECTION 2016 – Get involved, VOTE!

deadline October 11

Link to: VoteTexas.gov

Times and locations listed here

Times and locations listed here

TSEU Legislative Director
in the Austin, TSEU office: 512.448.4225

Asking our coworkers to join TSEU and COPE, along with participating in election work, is vital to increasing our political muscle to take on the challenges of the 2017 legislative session and to win on our issues. Who we elect in November will have a direct bearing on our jobs, our benefits and the services we provide to the people of our state – get involved and help make a difference


What the elections mean for state employees and retirees in the 2017 legislative session


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The state budget will be the central focus of next year’s legislative session. The aftermath of tax cuts passed in 2015, combined with a reduction in state revenue from declining oil prices, will likely lead to a smaller state budget compared to the last session. Lawmakers in the House have acknowledged the need for an increase in funding to repair state programs in crisis, such as Child Protective Services, even though a tighter budget is to be expected. On the Senate side however, lawmakers are calling for more aggressive measures to reduce spending for state services while pushing for more tax cuts.

With prospects of a smaller state budget, we should expect tougher fights over across-the-board pay raises and hiring more staff to reduce state employee workloads. In addition to challenges resulting from a tighter state budget, we should also expect more attacks on payroll dues deductions from anti-state employee legislators and interest groups.  Addressing the crisis in Child Protective Services, increasing access to state mental health services, and reigning in the rising cost of tuition will also be priority issues for lawmakers in the next session.


TSEU members win key victories in primary elections

[from the JUNE 2016 TSEU UPDATE] All in all, TSEU was successful in nearly all its endorsed primary races. Across the state, over 100 TSEU members participated in election work, knocking on more than 3400 doors and making some 2600 phone calls.

On, March 1st, Republicans and Democrats held primary elections across Texas. The relentless attacks that state employees and state services endured during the 2015 legislative session made this year’s primary election critical for state workers and retirees. The goal for TSEU this primary season was to stop the election of anti-state worker/state services candidates, while electing those legislators who will actually stand up and fight for state employees. [READ MORE]