We, the undersigned staff and faculty of Texas Public Institutions of Higher Education:

1. Call on our State Legislators to restore Higher Education’s seat on the TRS Board.

In 2011, Higher Education employees elected Karen Charleston to represent us on the TRS Board of Trustees. Recently, legislators passed a law that will abolish Karen’s designated Higher Education seat in 2017 and replace it with an open seat. Karen’s is the only seat designated for Higher Education employees on the 9-member board, and losing its designation will mean that 143,000 higher education employees in Texas will no longer have a guaranteed voice regarding our pension benefits. We deserve a seat at the table - and we call on Texas Legislators to restore it.

2. Call on our Governor to re-appoint our current Higher Education representative, Karen Charleston, to the next term on the TRS Board.

Karen will run for re-election in 2017 for a new “open” seat on the TRS Board. Governor Abbott will select one of the top three vote recipients to serve on the TRS Board – and we call on him to appoint Karen Charleston, the choice of Higher Education employees.

3. Commit to VOTE for Karen Charleston to continue serving as our Higher Education representative on the TRS Board!

My vote for Karen Charleston will be a vote for Higher Education employees and our right to have a voice in decisions that directly affect our financial security and health.

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