We are TSEU members who work in DSHS State Hospitals and DADS State Supported Living Centers. We are building a strong union in our facilities to fight for:

1. Better pay and benefits in order to attract and retain quality staff. The high turnover rates in our institutions undermine the quality of care we can provide our clients and patients.

2. Increased staffing levels. Another factor in turnover and the quality of care is the staffing shortages that are occurring in State Hospitals and SSLC’s across the state. Direct care staff are regularly required to work 12-16 hour shifts in order to meet staffing requirements.

3. Stopping privatization and closures. The State Hospitals and SSLC’s we work in are a critical part of the range of care options that clients and patients should have when considering their needs. Privatization undermines the quality of care by encouraging vendors to cut corners and put profits above people.

4. A fair grievance procedure with an appeal step outside the agency. State workers have high levels of accountability and transparency when it comes to accusations of abuse or neglect on the job. To protect against unfair or unfounded accusations, state employees need to have access to a strong appeals process so they will have the opportunity to defend themselves.