We are TSEU members of the Retiree Organizing Committee (ROC). We are TRS and ERS retirees from state agencies and universities. We are building a strong union of retirees to fight for:

1. A cost-of-living increase for TRS and ERS annuitants. State retirees have not a seen an increase in their monthly pension checks since 2003, making it more and more difficult for state employees to actually be able to retire.

2. Keeping the ERS and TRS pensions secure. We are fighting against all attempts to convert state employee pensions to risky 401(k) type defined contribution plans. State employees work hard for their retirement benefits, often giving up higher paying jobs in the private sector. Those benefits need to be secure.

3. Keeping the health care benefits affordable. Any increases in the out-of-pocket expenses that state retirees (and active employees) have to pay for health care coverage lowers our standard of living and endangers our health.