HUMAN SERVICES – Legislative Goals 2017-18

As voted on by caucus members at General Assembly, the following are the legislative goals carrying us forward over the next year.

  • Stop any further privatization of Human Services programs
  • Increase oversight of all HHSC contracts,
  • Oppose closures and maintain all current numbers of HHSC and DADS offices
  • Increase staffing to deal with both existing and projected growth
  • Enact an across-the-board career ladder

LEGISLATIVE ISSUE SHEETS (used during ‘mini’ Lobby Day)

Outsourcing and lack of contract oversight in Human Services agencies are hurting Texans   [download]
Stop using gimmicks to get around hiring additional staff   [download]
Lack of oversight on STAR-PLUS programs puts Texans at risk and costs taxpayers more   [download]


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