We are TSEU members who work in the Department of Family Protective Services. We work in CPS, APS, and CCL. We are building a strong union in our agency to fight for:

1. Better pay and benefits to attract and retain dedicated, experienced staff. High turnover rates in our agency endanger the lives and wellbeing of the children and elderly we work to protect. Increasing compensation and ensuring affordable health care and a secure retirement for employees will lower that turnover and ensure we are able to protect Texas’ most vulnerable citizens.

2. Lower caseloads. The number of cases FPS investigators and caseworkers are required to work is far too high. Setting caseload maximums based on nationally recommended standards will mean that FPS staff can thoroughly investigate and monitor any allegations of child or elder abuse.

3. Stopping privatization. Investigating abuse and protecting children and the elderly should not be made into a for-profit business. We oppose all attempts at contracting out the work of FPS. These attempts have failed repeatedly in other states and here in Texas.