Throughout the year, TSEU will mobilize members across the state for important meetings or events. Most will involve specific agencies or universities – so getting a statewide perspective is important. We encourage you to attend your local, area meetings; but to also bring those voices to our larger, statewide meetings or other events.

upcoming statewide events:

Highlighting agency-specific issues – building for Lobby Day 2017
TSEU Mini Lobby Days

The TSEU caucuses bring together members from major agencies and universities, and retired members, within TSEU. The caucuses coordinate organizing strategy and work on issues specific to the caucus. These issues are refined and finalized by member delegates from those agencies during General Assembly. Caucus legislative goals as well as our overall legialtive goals are listed here.

Most caucuses organize a Mini Lobby Day at some point in the legislative session. During the mini lobby days, caucus activists from around the state will meet in Austin. After a brief lobbying strategy session, caucus members will go to the Capitol to visit legislators about key caucus issues as well as on TSEU’s broad issues. These lobbying efforts help to shine a light on issues that are specific to one agency. They also give TSEU members a presence in the capitol while allowing legislators and staff to get to know us. The enthusiasm of members and elected officials all help to build momentum for the main State Employee Lobby Day on April 12, 2017.

RSVP is required.  Please contact YOUR NEAREST TSEU OFFICE/ORGANIZER if you are interested in attending your caucus ‘mini’ Lobby Day.

Mini Lobby Day Schedule

  • Wednesday, February 8 – Universities

  • Thursday, February 9 – TWC

  • Wednesday, February 15 – FPS

  • Wednesday, February 22 – TJJD

  • Wednesday, March 1 – Human Services

  • Wednesday, March 8 – SSLC’s/St Hosp

  • Wednesday, March 22 – Parole

  • Wednesday, March 29 – Retiree


State Employee Lobby Day


Contact ANY TSEU OFFICE for details on these and other upcoming events.