Legislative Goals

Legislative Goals

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Caucus article archive

Caucus posters and fliers

Caucus posters and fliers

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in the Austin TSEU office (512)448-4225

We are TSEU members working at DSHS State Hospitals and DADS State Supported Living Centers. We’re building a strong union in our facilities to fight for: better pay and benefits to attract and retain quality staff; increased staffing levels; stopping privatization and closures; a fair grievance procedure with an appeal step outside the agency.



[84th TX LEGISLATURE] TSEU members record MAJOR victories over facility privatization and closure attempts

  • Defeating closures of State Supported Living Centers – VICTORY! read more
  • Stopping the privatization of Terrell State Hospital – VICTORY! read more

The next legislative session is right around the corner and so are new attacks to our jobs, our facilities, and the services we provide! We defeated these attacks before and we can do it again!

[OCTOBER 2015] TSEU Activists from State Supported Living Centers meet with DADS Officials

On Friday, October 16, TSEU activists Rose Soto and Carmen Duron (Corpus Christi SSLC), Marina Galvan (San Angelo SSLC), and David Veith (San Antonio SSLC) met with DADS Commissioner Jon Weizenbaum, Assistant Commissioner for State Supported Living Centers Scott Schalchlin and other members of the DADS Executive Team. In the wake of the most serious threat of closures in many years, the statewide caucus requested the meeting to ensure frontline workers’ voices were being heard on issues of employee morale and turnover at all levels in the agency. [READ MORE]